Facebook rewards consistency

Many Facebook business pages make the mistake of posting rarely or sporadically. Or they post a lot of content one week and then nothing the next. Consistency is a key factor in implementing a marketing strategy that will yield results over time.

Developing a posting schedule and sticking to it is essential when developing your Facebook content marketing initiatives.

To post or not to post– or “How often should I push out FB content?”

Once a week, three times, every day? How often to post your content doesn’t have to be a mystery. The simple answer is pick a number you’re comfortable with based on how much time and resources you have available. That also means taking quality into account. If you only have enough time and resources to produce one piece of good-quality content a week, than start with that.

Over time, your audience will give you clues to let you know if your’e posting too often or not enough. For instance, if you increase the amount of content you push out per week and start to lose followers, than you’re probably annoying them and should decrease your schedule.

If you only have  enough time and resources to produce one piece of good, quality content a week, than start with that.

Pushing out content just to keep up your presence on Facebook is a no no. Everything you post should be interesting to your audience. Effective marketing means quality marketing.

Post similar types of content consistently

Publishing the same type of content at the same time every week is another aspect of being consistent. For example, a dentist might post “Smile of the Week” featuring a patient every Monday at 9am, or a music teacher might post a “Lesson of the Week” every Wednesday at 2pm.

Coming up with a post-type and publishing it every week at the same time will let followers who like that content know when to expect more of it. 

What time of day should I post to Facebook?

That’s a loaded question with probably as many opinions as there are people posting content. The best answer I can offer is to post when you know your audience is on FB. And how does one do that? Some of it is guesswork and a lot of it is trial and error. For instance, it’s not uncommon for people to check their Facebook feed when they first get to work while enjoying their morning coffee. That’s why many businesses post at 9-9:15 am.

Over time your audience engagement will give you clues as to the best times to post.

Strategies for Creating high-caliber posts on Facebook.

Rule #1: People want to be entertained.

People visit Facebook to take a small break from their busy day. They like to check out what friends are up to, see new pics of their grandkids, etc., or just go through their feed to see what is interesting. So be interesting!

 Rule #2: Don’t spend all your valuable post-time in wonton self-promotion.

No one likes a self-absorbed person (at the same time, people really like it when things are about them– think about that one for a minute). This also applies to social media and therefore should be taken into account with your content marketing.

Posting when you have a sale or offering a coupon is fine, but using all your posts to talk only about your company or service will get boring very quickly to your audience.

The more you can make the story a good experience for them, the more they will engage with your content. 

The general rule is for every four or five posts, it’s okay to post overtly post promotional content about your product or service.

Rule #3: Your posts don’t have to be directly about your company, but they should be relevant to it.

While you don’t want every post to be about how cool your company is, the posts should still be focused in some way on your industry. For instance, an athletic apparel store can publish an “athlete of the week” post , or a survey asking who they think will win the Super Bowl this season.

After spending some time offering quality content for their audience, then people will not mind a post about a new product or service being offered.

Rule #4: Establish your Brand Tone and stick to it.

Like people, brands have a personality and a way in which they want to be viewed by others (see more about your brand tone here). How your brand speaks to its audience should be consistent from post to post. If you project your brand as serious and then push out posts with funny cartoons, it will confuse your followers and dilute your brand. Stay consistent!

Rule #5: Bring a show biz attitude to your marketing.

Creating quality content that people want to engage with definitely requires putting on your “show biz” hat to do a little dancing from time-to-time. The truly best content can be like a slice of a good movie, favorite song or cable drama. It hits an emotional nerve. While It certainly doesn’t need to be Shakespearian or Game of Thrones epic to do so, some pizazz with a touch of heart can really get people engaged.

Quality content creates emotional connections over time. Emotional connections are the most loyal and long lasting.

Last but not least: Engagement is everything.

I’m repeating myself a bit here because it’s important: Make your audience part of your story by getting them involved. Asking opinions, or generating Facebook polls are just two great ways (of many) to get users to join the conversation. The more people respond to your posts by sharing them and commenting on them, the more you will grow your base of potential customers.

Remember: Engagement= reach.

Stanton is a company that offers rugs and carpets. This an excellent example of how they get their audience engaged while showing off new products.

Oh yeah, one more thing: Be creative!

See what other companies are doing to engage their audience and see if you can apply it to your own business. Or brainstorm with friends or associates to come up with totally original content of your own. Try lots of things to see what your audience responds to strongly. As you create and implement your campaign, ditch the stuff that isn’t working and replace it with new ideas. Most of all: Stay fresh!

Good artists copy, great artists steal
–Pablo Picasso

I know this quote is so often used that it sounds like a cliche, but it really expresses the best way to develop high-quality content for Facebook. Or anywhere for that matter.

Do you have opinions or ideas about Facebook marketing strategies you’d like to share? Let us know!