Turnpoint Media had the opportunity to speak with Trevor Williams, Principle Creative at The Brand Counselors about website creation, marketing and he thinks things have changed over the last few years, what brands are now focusing on for growth online and what they need to address in the future to remain viable.

How has the businesses of website creation changed for you over the last few years?

Businesses are much more interested now in marketing their websites than they are in just doing a website or putting together a brochure to promote it. More people are interested in SEO and understanding it. At least they know it to a point where they come to me and say “I know I need to make my site more SEO compliant.”

To that end, a lot of companies must be coming to you asking them to make their site responsive. Do you advise them to make a new site from scratch?

Well it depends. I recently had a client who had spent a lot of money creating a website (two years prior) but it wasn’t responsive and the SEO wasn’t good. They initially came to us about doing AdWords, but we wound up having to do some SEO on the site as well. We told them they really need to make their site responsive to show up on mobile platforms and that they’re probably getting penalized for that.

What are some of the problems you face when trying to market a site that was made by a company that just builds websites?

Well, they spent money to have someone build their website, but then how are they going to get people to there? What are they (the website company) going to do for you? Now you’re just going to be coming back to me. And it’s not easy to switch over. I didn’t build your website and now you want me to get traffic to your site and your SEO is bad because the guys who built it never thought about it. They didn’t think about keywords and key phrases when it was being built. Tagging images with the right keywords, etc. They haven’t done any of that stuff, so now we have to go back in and fix it. Instead of giving it to us at the beginning where we do all that stuff and then you’re ready to go when you decide to start doing something like a Google AdWords campaign.

Your site SEO plays an important role in the success of your Adwords campaigns.

For the guys we’re talking about, it was a slow start for the AdWords because it just is. We told them it was going to be at least six months before they saw any kind of real return.

What kind of spend were they willing to put in?

Not a ton. We limited it to about $900 a month, but we weren’t really needing that. It wasn’t hitting that level for good response. We’re doing well now. We started out with a very broad net and then narrowed it down to some really specific offerings, created some really good landing pages and now it’s thriving.

What kind of business?

They do elder law. Setting up for retirement, putting everything in order so the government doesn’t take your house and what your kids get.