Social media marketing is about being where your customers are.

Social media marketing can be simply defined as gaining brand/product/service attention through social media sites. The term social media is a bit of a catch-all term and includes radically different sites or apps like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Tumblr and a host of others. The first key to social media success is knowing which social media site is right for promoting your business.

Are you a luxury brand? A local retailer? A service provider? Having a clear definition of what your business offers is the first step in deciding how to implement an effective social media marketing plan.

Turnpoint Media takes the time to learn the full scope of what your business offers– and to whom. We then create an effective marketing strategy on the social media sites that provide the best synergy for your business.

The rules for marketing on social media are always changing.

Social media sites often add new functionality and take away others in a continual effort to provide a better user experience for their subscribers. Being up on what’s new and hot can provide businesses with a competitive advantage when doing their social marketing.

Turnpoint Media makes it our business to know about the latest innovations on social media so we can help our clients leverage that knowledge into better social media marketing campaigns.

A direct line to your audience through targeting.

Many social media sites allow businesses to create advertising that can be delivered to specific demographics including age, location and interests, making social media marketing an ideal choice for many business to reach their primary customers. And at a price point that makes it worthwhile to try. Each social site also provides robust analytic tools so companies can see what advertisement strategies are paying off. Over time, using social analytics, along with your website analytic tools (like Google analytics), businesses can paint an accurate and thorough picture of their social advertising ROI.

Turnpoint Media is Google-certified in digital marketing and has a full understanding of how to interpret social site analytics to ensure our clients are getting the proper return on their advertising investment,

Benefits to marketing on social media

Getting the word out about deals

Letting customers take advantage of sales, coupons, events and even flash sales.

Improved indexing on Google

The more quality content you put on the internet, the more your business will be indexed on Google and over time create better organic search results

Customer service

These days, most customers looking to reach your business are more likely to do so through a company’s social channels rather than calling them.

Improved audience targeting

With social media’s demographic and analytic tools, getting your message to your ideal audience is easier than ever. Targeting can be done by age, town, sex and more. Social media marketing allows the ability to market to a specific demo like never before.


How Turnpoint Media gets your brand noticed on social media

Turnpoint Media is Google-certified in the art and science of digital marketing. We understand how to get you noticed on social media! We will work with your business to create an effective social marketing strategy based on what your business is looking to do, whether it be more post likes, more followers and ultimately more business!

Social Media Content Creation

Success on social media means creating content that engages users.

Effective social media content creation allows you to grow your audience and create brand loyalty for your business. But good social media content requires a well thought out strategy, a creative approach and consistent implementation over time.

Things to consider when developing a sound strategy for social media creation:

Know your Brand voice

If your brand was a car, what would it be? A high style and fun Porsche 911 or a reliable family car like a Honda Pilot? Knowing the personality of your brand will tell you how your brand should create content on social channels.

Everything you post on social media is a reflection of your brand. Even the colors you use in your posts communicate information about who you are (find out more about color psychology and branding here).

It’s essential that your brand understands its voice and ensures all their social media postings and interactions adhere religiously to it. If you create content that deviates from your brand’s voice, your audience will know it– and often they will let you know in a way that can cause problems for your brand

Turnpoint Media will learn your brand voice (or help you create one) to use as a foundation for creating an effective strategy for your business’s social media creation initiatives.

Learn what kinds of content for your business users will want to engage with.

How often do you flip through your social feed via Twitter or Facebook or Instagram and find you’ve gone through pages worth of posts before you come across something that makes you stop and take notice? Creating great content on social media is the only way to get users to engage with you. Once users start engaging with your content, you are then able to work towards getting them to use your product or service. Perhaps even more importantly– great content, over time, can win the loyalty of your customers.

Turnpoint Media learns what your business is all about and uses this information to create engaging content on your social media channels.


Once an effective strategy is created and implemented and you’ve begun getting comments, likes, shares or other satisfying responses to your content, then engaging with your customers becomes vital in sealing the deal. People love being acknowledged. Showing them a little love goes a long way to making your brand a success on social media.

Use your social media content creation to start conversations with your audience. It’s a great way to learn more about them and what they want. Social media engagement is a win-win for your company and your customers.

Turnpoint Media will speak in your brand voice to engage with your customers who interact with your social media content. We will also let you know about customer questions and requests that are not in our purvue. Simply put, we will help you create brand loyalty with your customers.

It’s not just about likes

Getting likes on your posts is great. It also shows people are paying attention to your content. Getting followers for your page is even better because anyone following your page can receive your posts in their feed without costing you anything. But perhaps getting comments is even better still because now you have the opportunity to start a conversation and create loyal customers.

Consistency is key

We find that the best way to exploit good social media content is to be consistent in pushing it out. Posting on your social channels using a consistent schedule goes a long way in getting powerful results.

Turnpoint Media uses analytics and other data about your business to create a schedule for your social media posting that will promote brand growth.


Why use Turnpoint Media for your social media content creation?

Turnpoint Media is Google-certified in the art and science of digital marketing. We know how to create great content on your social media channels that will start conversations. We also keep up with the latest innovations on social media and find ways to leverage the hottest social trends to your company’s advantage.

To learn more about how Turnpoint Media can help grow your business through social media content creation, contact us.