When my partner Gary and I decided to combine my house lifting skills and his general contracting experience into one company, we knew we would need a website. Gary advised us that his friend Trisha from Turnpoint media would be perfect for the project.

Trisha met with our whole team, got feedback from everyone and hit the ground running. She spent quite a bit of time researching our business, even watching us work for a full day. She visited one muddy job site after another, asking questions and taking pictures. She was a trooper and put everything she learned to use.

Trisha and Turnpoint built the website very quickly and then got to work on our digital presence. In just a few months, they took our website from being invisible to consistently being in the top results for our search terms and they work constantly to make sure we stay there. They update our social media accounts regularly, analyzes our advertising efforts and tweak things as necessary.

We could not be happier with her services. Turnpoint Media is a joy to work with and their prices are more than competitive. There are a lot of moving pieces to our business and I can’t imagine how we would do it without Trisha.

Greg Patterson

Vice President, Progressive Construction of Long Island

My experience working with Turnpoint Media and Jonathan Schlackman was delightful, professional and exceeded my expectations.  Jonathan is skilled, creative and passionate and it’s proven in the superior quality of his work.  

I highly recommend this team of professionals and I will continue to call upon Jonathan and Turnpoint Media on all my future projects.  

Alyson Puhn

Catering Director, The Original Bagel Boss

The team at Turnpoint made my mailers look more professional than my competition, which lead to higher customer acquisition.

Their tech team was able to create algorithms that could pinpoint potential customers in a way we had never previously dreamed, allowing us to acquire more new customers– and at a lower cost per acquisition.

I highly advise talking to Turnpoint Media before creating or implementing any marketing strategy for your business.

Craig Silverman

CEO , Tax Crushers

When Google changed their algorithm to penalize websites that were not mobile-friendly, we worked with Turnpoint Media to redesign ours. Booking Entertainment depends on a strong internet presence for a lot of our business, so our website needs to look great and be simple to navigate.  Turnpoint’s design sense is top-notch and their understanding of the user experience was invaluable in deciding how the site would flow. They worked quickly and had no problem delivering high-level designs and solutions within a tight deadline.

They did such a great job on our website, we decided to rebrand and had Turnpoint design us a new logo as well.

Steve Einzig

CEO, BookingEntertainment.com

Jon and Trisha at Turnpoint Media are amazing. Running and growing a business on Long Island it so competitive today it is truly refreshing to find a company that TRULY cares. They researched every aspect of our business as if it were their own. Trisha and Jon are very accessible, they are always there for ALL our marketing needs. They are not only professional, talented and smart…..they want you to succeed. I love the excitement we receive from them when we flourish because of their efforts.

Josie Lyons Budah

Park Shore Country Day Camp