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Google Certified

Trained to prosper in the ever-changing landscape that is digital marketing. We are certified to provide Google Adwords, Social Media Marketing, SEO, Email Marketing and many other services.

Web Design

We create responsive website designs that look amazing on any desktop or mobile device.



SEO & Google Adwords

We offer full SEO services for your website to increase organic customer reach or integrated with Google Adwords for optimum customer acquisitions.


Social Media Marketing

We work with our clients to create effective social media marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and find new customers.


It’s a brave new digital world when it comes to marketing your business.

Through internet marketing, businesses now have the opportunity to reach customers in a way they never dreamed previously with traditional print media. But with these revolutionary opportunities, it’s important to know where to spend your budget– and on what, in order to be truly effective in your internet marketing.

What’s more, what is true today about online marketing won’t be a year from now. In the digital era, change is constant.

Turnpoint Media is dedicated to staying on top of cutting-edge technology in the world of digital marketing. We make sure your business is taking advantage of the latest developments and trends to stay competitive and successful in the digital space.

Connecting Businesses with new customers online- and off.

Google-certified in getting brands noticed in the digital space!

We are Google-certified in marketing for the digital space. Whether you’re interested in implementing Google Adwords campaigns, optimizing your SEO for more effective organic reach, or looking to reach new customers via Facebook and/or other social media marketing, Turnpoint Media can help connect you with new customers.

Different social media sites will work best for different businesses. We do the research to figure out the best sites to share your message, then develop strategies to ensure your message will be heard.

We know a lot about email marketing too.

If you already have a customer base and are looking to grow it (or sales), perhaps email campaigns might be an awesome solution. We can show you how to strategize your emails to get the best open rates.  By employing other marketing initiatives (through social media marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, etc.), we can help grow your business a quality email list.

We do the research to figure out the best sites to share your message, then develop strategies to ensure your message will be heard.

But we don’t ignore traditional media either…

Does your restaurant need a new menu? Does your business want a big, bold display for a trade booth? We can do it all– design it and get it printed for you too!

We can also create integrated campaigns that have both offline (print) and online components that will amplify the power of your campaign.

Turnpoint Media makes it our business to know your business.

Every business has its own way of doing business. Each has its own intricacies of how it brings a product or service to the marketplace. Understanding this is another key to creating an effective marketing strategy. It’s particularly important when implementing top-notch SEO. That’s why we take the time to learn about what you do and how you do it. In that respect, we see ourselves as a partner more than a service provider.

We will customize a marketing strategy that fits your budget and gets results.

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