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Turnpoint Media is a Woman-Owned Business that provides small to mid-size businesses an opportunity to get “big agency” quality website development, design, and marketing at an affordable price. Making your business more profitable, competitive, and successful is our mission statement, our goal, and our passion. We craft engaging and meaningful customer experiences that elevate brands to achieve unprecedented growth. Our passion and experience translate into happy clients. Turnpoint Media specializes in website development, digital marketing, and branding.

We work together. We even live together. Our passion for building your brand is 24/7.

Jon Schlackman

Jon Schlackman

Creative Director

Jon has spent many years as an Art Director and Creative for advertising agencies in NYC. he has won many awards over the years for his creative work in such diverse industries as Fashion, Luxury, Pharma, HealthCare, Food Service, Automotive and more. Jon has also worked as a designer and marketer for companies in-house, which has given him a sound understanding of how companies handle their marketing internally.

Jonathan Schlackman has decades of experience working at NYC agencies for brands like Channel, Kraft Foods and Pfizer, as well as marketing for in-house companies.

In 2015 he got his certification from Google in Digital Marketing.

Trisha Schlackman

Trisha Schlackman

Marketing Director/Account Director

Trisha started her marketing career in publishing at Houghton Mifflin and has worked as a marketer at Madison Avenue agencies over the years. Her experience as an in-house Marketing Director for Long Island businesses has given her a unique perspective on what it takes for small to mid-size companies to get noticed in the digital space.

Trisha is an expert in website development, Google Ads, email marketing,  and all aspects of social media marketing.

Rob Schlackman

Rob Schlackman

Technology/Marketing/Account Manager

Rob spent many years programming and managing technology teams for various Wall Street firms in Manhatten such as Morgan Stanley and Prudential. In the last few years, he has spent working with various start-ups and providing tech solutions for small to mid-size Long Island businesses. He is also skilled at creating IOS and Android apps.

Robert is a technology expert and UI (user experience) specialist with a keen understanding of how to increase online traffic and turn website visitors into customers.

How Can We Help?

Digital Marketing

We work with our clients to create effective marketing strategies that increase brand awareness and find new customers.

Website Development

We merge imagination and technology to help brands grow in the age of digital transformation.

Creative Services

Our goal is to create purposeful work that works for your audience and your business.

ADA Compliance

Experienced in certifying that your website meets all current ADA Compliance standards to protect your business. 

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